Frequently Asked Questions

Can I bring my Pet to You?

Yes. You are very welcome to bring your pet and use our place of rest room that has comfy sofas along with a resting place for your pet for you to say your goodbyes.

Can my vet use your services?

Yes, but you must request to use our services or they may use an alternative cremation service.  We can collect from your vets only with your permission.

Will I receive only my pets ashes back?

Yes, we can assure you that we only do individual cremations at Restful Pets and we give a written guarantee. All our cremations are logged.

Can we visit to pay respects after you have collected our pet?

We will try to accommodate this request, but as we aim to provide a same day service it is not always possible due to deterioration.


It is a good idea to wrap your pet in a blanket, towel or anything you would like your pet to be cremated in. Please note that some soft beds and any metal items cannot be cremated. Please ask us if you are unsure. Please be advised that wooden coffins will add weight and will, therefore, increase the cost of the cremation.

How are the ashes returned?

You may collect your pets ashes from us by appointment. Alternatively we can return the ashes to you or your vets (free of charge subject to location). Ashes are returned in a scatter tube or pouch which is included in the cremation price. Caskets, urns and tributes can be purchased prior to return. Please be aware that some items may need to be ordered for you.

Do I need to have the ashes back?

No, if you do not wish to have the ashes back we will scatter them for you at our convenience in our natural wooded area.

Why set hours and appointments only?

We are a small privately owned cremation service and offer a collection and delivery service for your convenience. We may also have people already visiting our place of rest saying goodbye to their pets who need some quiet time.


At present we do not offer any payment plans and payment is due on return of your ashes. This can be by Cheque, Cash or Card payment.